Accident Claims Manager (Acm)



A sophisticated SQL Server based database software which will assist in managing accident claims for insurers or accident claims specialists. The system will track claims from first contact with customer to end result success/failure, including allocation of replacement cars. The complete package consists of the following modules
:: Key Features

Claims Functions

Claims Manager is a fully integrated, customizable claims processing solution for claims administrators, which includes a dedicated claims form to help input all relevant claims details. Including facility to record claims, client, vehicle, third party, and accident and witness details. The system will carry out automatic data validation checks to ensure mandatory fields are completed. The advanced search facility allows searching multiple fields and also includes a ‘wildcard’ search option.

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Diary Management

Record any medium communications related to claim or client. Allows importing and storing electronic documents which will help manage and reduce paperwork.

Automatically creates full log of events and activities in relation to claim and client, so that the user can keep track of the whole claim handling processes.

The system will also allow the user to amend or delete these activities within 24 hours where necessary.

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Action Management

Preconfigured action settings which encapsulate the process involved in carrying out a certain task.

Actions can be set to carryout a process at a future date (reminder) or delegate to other operators with relevant attachments and links to client file.

All the actions can be viewed in chronological order; allowing the operative to view any outstanding tasks, which need processing. The operative delegating can also view tasks they have delegated to others. All tasks once complete are automatically removed from the action viewer and resultant output including attachment is recorded in the diary.

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Template Letter

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Invoice Management

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Recovery & Storage Module


Engineer Module

Records information about engineer and the reports produced for damaged vehicle. Data includes salvage value, cost of repair and write-off statement. There is also a dedicated search facility to maintain engineer related data

Solicitor Module

This allows the user to assign a solicitor from the database to any claim which requires this service. The system can handle injury related issues including CFA details, and also has a dedicated search menu facility to maintain solicitor related data.

Repairer Module

This module allows the user to assign a repairer from the database which will facilitate repair related data and services, including cost of repair. This module also includes a dedicated search menu facility to maintain repairer related data.

Vehicle Manager Module

This module will allow the user to manage a fleet of vehicles from storage to hiring to customers. The system records vehicle details, rental history and maintenance and repair history. The Hire function deals with the day to day administration required for vehicle hire including customer details, hire details, insurance and cost of hire. The system allows user to create invoices related to vehicle hire. This facility can deals with both cash hire from individual customers as well as credit hire via a claim against an insurance company.

Advance Staff Progress Report

This reporting function reports on all claims related activities by staff, which will allow the company to view statistical information at a glance. The manager can view employee performance on any related activity for any period of time and display in order of performance.

Training Server

This is a dedicated server for staff training which is cloned on a nightly basis so that the training given to staff is based on real data, which can improve the quality of the training.

SQL Server

SQL Server supports the highest performance, availability and security to run your most demanding applications with native data encryption, secure default settings, and password policy enforcement.