Finance Option

Purple-I is delighted to be able to announce the establishment of a Finance Payment Option to offer clients the flexibility they seek to support the implementation of the Purple-I Solution and their business.

With the backing of a major European finance company, we are able to support our clients in implementing Purple-I Solutions in the UK, where we are currently experiencing great success.

Subject to approval, the arrangement we have structured will provide clients with the ability to implement a Purple-I Solution with a ZERO initial investment and repayment terms up-to 3 years.

Many clients have derived a real return of investment within a 12 month period of implementing a Purple-I Solution and the addition of the Purple-I Finance Payment Option, will result in a compelling business case and accelerate the tangible business benefits that can be derived.

The Purple-I Finance Payment Option provides your business with the ability to implement our proposed solution and hopefully start to derived business benefits before the main cash outlay comes fully into effect.

We believe the Purple-I Finance Payment Option offers flexibility and is an elegant solution to help cover the funding of our solution over the implementation period.

For further details please contact one of our consultants on 0845 388 1971