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Purple-I systems installation services cover the complete process from start to finish; including the data entry if required for your initial system setup.

System Setup

Your system will be initially configured and setup at our offices one week prior to delivery. We will make sure we have as much of your data as possible entered into the system and the system fully tested in a controlled environment, which will allow for a smooth installation process on-site. You will also be invited to attend a consultation session at our office before we configure your system.

On-site setup and installation

For the physical installation of your system onsite, along with staff training, it is best to book a day when your business is quiet, and with as many of your team members available as possible.

We know that your IT systems are just one of many things you need in place before you are ready to open, and we try to be as flexible as possible. Our engineers will liaise between your project manager and all our team to ensure that our part of the jigsaw is in place.

Prior to installation, we require that your premises are equipped with adequate network cabling and power points in the location where you will place the system(s). Our installation service does not include cabling however we are happy to send an independent cabling contractor who will provide a quotation, should you require this service. We recommend CAT 5 Network Cabling; This option uses the industry standard Category 5 network cabling solution. This involves a small "hub" being placed in a central location and the computer terminals being connect through a standard patch lead and a socket which will need to be placed in the area around the location of each system. This solution is economical, and adaptable for other uses, but can involve drilling and trunking. A typical site can usually be cabled within a day.


We recommend all our clients have a broadband connection. The broadband allows our support engineers to "dial in" to your systems to resolve issues, along with allowing you to access your data remotely, and also pass information to a central office if you have a multiple site setup.

Dial Up

This connection is ideal as a backup, however due to its speed limitations we do not recommend it as a main connection solution. It would both increase the time that is required on line to send data across to a central office and mean that only limited support can be offered by our support centre over the phone.


Once your systems are installed on site, we will provide training on the system, which will include the basics of how to use the software for normal users. Super users, will be shown more detail on using the advanced back office features. We would ask that you have as many of your staff available as possible to attend this training session. Extra onsite training is available at £250 per day.

Please contact us for more information.