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In 2001, the founders of Purple-I set out to create a total software solution for Prestige Auto Group, an accident claims management specialist, to manage its complex business processes. The successful implementation of this unique claims handling software has resulted in faster more streamlined administrative processes, better customer care and considerably less paperwork. Using the core of this software the Purple-I software development team have produced a ‘Human Resource Management’ and a ‘Project Management’ system, and implemented these to manage the complex but critical 24hrs a day activities within Channel S TV, the premier Bengali Language television channel in Europe.

Purple I technologies is committed to create the next-generation digital workspaces, using the three key components in IT for business, Software, hardware and Media solutions, allowing administrators, managers and directors to effectively collaborate in the drive for business success.

Based in London, Purple I technologies is trying to use its unique position in the marketplace to develop an extensive customer base built on referrals and customer adoption. Our focus is primarily on the small business community in the UK which has seen a rapid growth in numbers in recent years. We will provide low cost solutions which will be both affordable and cost effective, and will enable our customers to improve resource management, reduce costs and improve the level of customer care. We have a long-term commitment to our clients. Our development methodology has enabled us to effectively and efficiently support our clients. As part of our ongoing support relationship we provide our clients with a high level of service and support and annual updates (both technical and functional) to the system.

Our goal is to be the premier provider of business solutions to the small business sector in the UK. Our focus is to continue to provide our clients with a superior product and outstanding service and support. Our commitment is to continually develop the system both from a technical and functional standpoint to enable us to meet our goal.


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